The Trans Adriatic Pipeline is a mega-pipeline that, as part of the Southern Gas Corridor, would bring gas from Azerbaijan to Europe, via Italy. The gas receiving terminal is planned to be built near the town or Melendugno, in Puglia.

The situation in Melendugno is tense, with the Trans Adriatic Pipeline site still a ‘red zone’ (out of bounds to everyone) in a police effort to block the local resistance and allow construction works to move ahead. At this moment, the local community resisting TAP needs their voice and their struggle to be heard more than ever.

We’ve just released six videos telling the story of people on the ground in Italy resisting TAP, in their own words. Watch them in full here.

Or watch and share the trailer:

Two weeks ago, during the second week of the COP23 climate conference in Bonn and on the day of the EIB board meeting, actions took place across Europe in solidarity with the communities resisting TAP.

It’s no co-incidence that the European Investment Bank (EIB) once again delayed its decision on a $2bn loan to Europe’s biggest new fossil fuel project. The companies and politicians behind TAP are feeling the pressure and with a decision possible at any of their upcoming monthly board meetings, the next one being on December 12, so let’s keep this pressure up.

We know gas is not a transition fuel. It’s a fossil fuel. To meet climate goals and achieve justice for those most impacted by a changing climate already, fossil gas production and consumption must, like that of other fossil fuels, be phased out as quickly as possible, starting now.

Pouring billions into new gas infrastructure is taking us in completely the wrong direction. In Sweden and Ireland, the same companies pushing TAP are also building new LNG terminals and in Spain and Germany, new gas mega-pipelines are planned by publicly owned entities in collaboration with private interests. The gas lobby has infected European institutions with its financial power and policy-makers are following the money.

With over 100 new gas projects planned across Europe, we need everyone – there’s a role for you all.

But right now, anything you can do to help spread awareness of the local community in Melendugno’s powerful struggle against TAP would be of real help.



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