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Video portraits of the #NoTAP resistance in Puglia 


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The communities of San Foca and Melendugno in Puglia, Southern Italy, are resisting the imposition of a gas mega-pipeline on their land: the Trans Adriatic Pipeline.

So why are local people – from local artists to teachers, politicians, grandparents and olive farmers – doing everything they can to block this pipeline?

In a series of video interviews, we find out some of their stories.


Most of these short films were made in October-November 2017, as construction works began again at the TAP site near Melendugno, Italy. Since the films were shot, the construction works have been moving forward and the local community’s peaceful resistance is being met with violent police tactics.

With the Italian government determined to push the project through, local campaigners are also turning their attention to the banks that would provide the project finance. In April 2018, Elena was one of the #NoTAP protectors taking action at one of the private banks most likely to fund TAP, Intesa Bank.



I wish for my daughter to nourish her own roots here without the need to escape because of a monster project




“My name is Valentina, I am an Artisan, and I am here because I care a lot about my land. Secondly, because I am tired that so much public money is spent for private gain.”


Anna Maria

“I am a NoTAP Grandma, fighting for the good of the land… One day you fight one thing, the next day another.”



“I’m a legal practitioner, and I’m an administrator [Vice Mayor] of the Municipality of Melendugno … We can’t continue to invest in fossil fuels, but we have to invest in renewables, like wind and solar energy.”



“You see this pine wood? Close to here is a very important protected area… We are 300m from the sea, the coast is protected. And they want to arrive with the pipeline right here… We just want this land respected.”



“All the local citizens have become active in this fight, not only by legal means but with our bodies and minds, nevertheless you very soon realise that there is the need for more and more people.”



“In our view, this is a European problem — this isn’t only from Salento, from Melendugno, from San Foca, this is a problem for Europe. We have to collect all forces.”



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