Today is starting our most ambitious global project ever. We are expanding the global Fossil Free campaign to build on the huge success of divestment.

Together with tens of thousands of new people and groups everywhere, Fossil Free will supercharge the global climate movement with ordinary people using the power of local action.

We will rise up in communities of every kind to demand a just and equitable transition to a completely fossil free world with 100% renewable energy for all.

And it’s starting now. Pledge to be a part of this enormous global push with us here. Sign up today — and you’ll get a follow-up email from us with actions to take in your community.

Every day, more and more of us feel the devastating impacts of stronger storms, longer droughts, wildfires and searing heat waves caused by climate change. But politicians are turning a blind eye, and backing the fossil fuel companies that are destroying our homes and our health. The risks of inaction have never been darker, but the opportunity for change has never been brighter.

Fossil Free is a project to take back our power by working in our communities to build 100% renewable energy for all and stop every new coal, oil and gas project. Here’s what it looks like:

  • It is Pacific Climate Warriors standing up to say they are not drowning, they are fighting, and connecting their resistance to the global fossil fuel industry with the long and vital traditions of their islands.
  • It is communities in Ghana refusing the path of coal dependency, and choosing 100% renewable energy for their homes instead — and then uniting with communities across the continent to deCOALonise Africa.
  • It is landowners and Indigenous leaders in Nebraska and South Dakota building solar panels in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline — prepared to defend the solutions we need if Transcanada tries to build their dangerous pipeline.
  • It is communities and municipalities everywhere from Brazil to Brisbane coming together to ban fracking.

Fossil Free is about all of us finding our power in our local communities, traditions and institutions to put an end to the coal, oil and gas economy, and get to work to build 100% renewable energy for all.

It’s happening all over the planet, and it begins now. If you want to be a part of this global movement for a just and equitable transition to a completely fossil free world with 100% renewable energy for all, pledge your involvement now.

It will take all of us, sharing everything we know, to win. Join us today. And we’ll get you to work to make this vision a reality — as soon as next week, expect to hear from us with concrete plans for what you can do in your community.

I can’t wait to see what we can do together,