This year’s UN Climate Conference wrapped up today, leaving a bittersweet taste for the climate movement: while the final text made some strides in the right direction, acknowledging the need of move away from fossil fuels and setting support for tripling clean energy and doubling energy efficiency by 2030, it feel short on crucial aspects as how to fairly fund the energy transition. Now, these targets must be backed up with quantifiable timelines and equitable finance, particularly for the Global South.

Our movement held the line for a full fossil fuels phaseout and a fast and fair energy transition at COP28 and with Global Power Up‘s actions worldwide – and that made a difference! We know we have the tools and resources to make a world powered by the wind, the sun and the people a reality, and we will keep pushing for it! As 350’s executive director, May Boeve, said earlier today: “The energy revolution is already underway, as we stand by to build our own power!

“Hold the Line” action at the last day of COP28 in Dubai. Photo credit: Konrad Skotnicki


But I also have some other and more personal news to share: this will be my last Fossil Free News edition. As I write this email, I reflect on my journey since taking over this newsletter in 2021. Our collective efforts have been dedicated to showcasing the strides made in our mission against the fossil fuels giants, working closely with all partners and communities on the ground. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to know that we’ve contributed to pushing the needle in our favor – toward a more sustainable future powered by accessible renewable energy.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s more of “I’ll see you around”. I’m shifting gears to a new role, but I’m still part of the fantastic 350 team. From January on, you’re going to be in Mallika Singhal’s excellent hands!

With love, Christine

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Tripling renewable energy

COP28 started with hopeful news: more than 130 countries pledged to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030 – a great step toward the goal of keeping global heating under 1.5 ºC, and a sign that global leaders are listening yo us. However, it’s not enough. We don’t need more pledges and promises, we need real action and commitments.

Tripling renewables needs to be part of a comprehensive energy package, including a decision to support the transition with meaningful climate finance. COP28 didn’t deliver on that. We will take this win and we will keep fighting! It is crucial that the global renewable energy transition happens at the scale and speed needed, and that it is rooted in justice.

Moments before U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, started his press briefing at #COP28. Photo credit:


Fossil Fuels Phase Out Day at COP28

During the second week of COP28, on December 8th, we rallied for a global #PowerUp of renewables and an urgent phaseout to fossil fuels. Led by and the Pacific Climate Warriors, the actions amplified the voices of all of the 15,000 people who joined the Power Up month of actions, pushing for a swift and fair shift towards a world powered by renewables. The message was clear: we demand a fast and fair energy transition! It’s time to shut the door on false solutions.

Action at COP28 demanding global #PowerUp of renewable energy. Photo credit:


Total Report puts people at the center

Amid the high-stake talks at COP28, and the Multinationals Observatory dropped a fresh report diving into why it’s vital to take back control from the big fossil fuel companies if we’re serious about switching to clean energy. The report “This is what a Total phaseout looks like” report uses TotalEnergies as a case study to call on policymakers to dare to imagine a shut down of the fossil fuel industry, and puts forward concrete pathways to make it happen.

This is a must read, an invitation to shake things up. Dive into the report and let’s get the conversation going!

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Stop EACOP / Total HQ action in Paris, on December 8th. Photo credit: Lea Garson


One to Watch

During the first week of COP, our team and StopEACOP activists went straight to Total’s CEO Patrick Pouyanné, urging him to support the release of seven imprisoned Ugandan StopEACOP activists. Pouyanné responded, saying “that’s our focus for today.” – and that’s a commitment we will follow up!

Earlier this year, seven youths were arrested for peacefully opposing the East Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), a project led by TotalEnergies. A recent press release states their bail was denied, forcing them to remain in deplorable prison conditions at least until December 19th.

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Use Your Power

As we wave goodbye to 2023, let’s shake things up a bit! We’re not just saying farewell to the year, we’re asking you to help us spread the word. Be the ripple effect! Invite your friends and family to join the climate movement and to stay looped on all the incredible work we’re doing worldwide. Ask them to sign up to our newsletter:

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Skill Up Your Activism

Despite COP28 delivering a text riddled with loopholes, communities persist in holding the line for the future we want to see – and we already have exciting plans for the upcoming year! The “Our Own Power” toolkit for Community-led Renewable Energy is about to launch, and we need your energy too!

Become part of our global network of activists leading community-led renewable energy projects worldwide! Whether you have a project in mind, are already involved in one, or simply want guidance to kickstart a local initiative, we’ve got you covered:

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Quote of the month

“Every year, we travel across oceans to come to these negotiations and we continue to get only drops of ambition. So we will return home, and continue to build up resilience in our communities, but it is evident that we may do so without the strong backing of the international community.”

– Joseph Sikulu, Pacific Managing Director at


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