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A guide for #DEFUNDTAP organisers


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However much time and however many people you have, there’s something you can do. Whether it’s walking into a bank with a letter and sharing a photograph, or occupying a bank branch for an hour, use these prompts and checklists to help design an action that works for you.

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4 key steps for organising a successful action


Step 1: Choose your time and location

Schedule your action at the best time for your community and objectives. Consider:

  • Will the bank be open?
  • Is there a private conference or public event where representatives of these banks may be speaking at or sponsoring?
  • When will most attendees be available – on the weekend? Lunchtime?

Once you have choosen a time and have scouted a good location, register your action and spread the word using social media. Email  us if you want help promoting your action to people in your area.


Step 2: Plan and coordinate your action

Be mindful to centre communities who bear the brunt of the destruction caused by fossil fuel extraction (e.g. communities near extraction sources, refineries, in the path of other pipeline projects) as well of those being most impacted by changes in the climate and extreme weather events already. Reach out to diverse organisations who may be interested in working with you to plan and promote the action. These may include: indigenous and impacted communities; climate groups; labour; health; faith; social justice; and other types of organisations.

You can get ideas for your action here. The #NoTAP committee in Melendugno use the phrase “Not here, not anywhere”, which you may like to use as well. You could make a #DefundTAP banner or sign with friends, and don’t forget to print and take some flyers with you.

Before your action, send out a press release (you can use this one as a template and add local details). Most importantly print this letter — a pledge to take action should the bank decide to fund TAP — and take it with you to your to give to the bank manager:

Download the letter to the bank

  • 1-3 people: Go into the local bank branch and ask to speak to the manager. Give them a copy of this letter, and share a photo of the moment on social media with the #DefundTAP hashtag, tagging the bank. If there are 2 or 3 of you, one of you can also hand out fliers, and/or film the moment on your phone.
  • For up to 12 people: Pick a local bank branch and enter the bank all at once with your signs/banners and the letter. Ask to talk to a manager so you can deliver the letter, and begin reading the letter out, singing and or chanting to make sure everyone knows why you’re there. If you’re asked to leave or the manager won’t see you, continue chanting and handing out fliers on the pavement outside.
  • For 20 or more people: line up on the pavement outside your bank branch to prevent anyone going in. Read out the letter, chant and/or sing so people know why you’re there. Send a delegation of 2-3 people inside to deliver the cover letter to the bank manager and make sure this is documented and filmed. Make sure to explain why your group is there and has chosen to close down this branch for an hour (because as long as they’re in the business of funding new fossil fuel projects, such as TAP – we’ll be organising to disrupt that business).

Step 3: Hold and document the action

  • Bring banners, signs and chant sheets, fully charged phones or cameras, a mobile wifi hotspot (or know where you can get some nearby wifi) and a tripod/monopod for your phone if you can get one.
  • Welcome everyone and thank them for coming
  • Have fun!
  • Have at least one person dedicated to taking photos and/or video.
  • Share photos and video clips from the event with #NoTAP and #DefundTAP so everyone can see what you’re doing. You can also tag @350europe and the bank on twitter.
  • Doing a short Facebook live clip can help you reach many more people. The video doesn’t need to be polished, just be authentic, speak your truths – here’s a great example of that.
  • Speak with the press present and hand out your press release (if there are a few of you, it helps to think about media roles in advance)

Step 4: Follow up with next steps

  • Write wrap up posts for social media with the best photos from the day, thanking people for coming out
  • Send out your photos with the press release
  • Email everyone involved after the event to thank them and invite them to the next action or meeting you organise. Include photos and videos from the event.
  • Call as many attendees as possible, thank them for attending and invite them to your next event.
  • Debrief with those involved
  • What worked or didn’t work so well?
  • Who would like a bigger or different role next time?
  • Celebrate!
  • Brainstorm how to take the next action deeper or in a more creative direction